Since the beginning of history, aging has been one of the most worrisome concerns of any woman with wrinkles and disturbing signs on the body in general and on the face in particular. This has made women around the world constantly searching for what keeps youthfulness permanently in their faces.

Filler is a non-surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia, and the Filler process takes about a quarter of an hour to half an hour to fill the subcutaneous spaces caused by wrinkles and signs of aging, giving the face a youthful, full and beautiful look. The Filler technology uses several substances, such as natural fat cells or collagen, including industrial hyaluronic acid.

After injecting the Filler in the correct way and quantity, the patient can see that the signs of aging have completely disappeared and that there is no trace of any wrinkles in the area where the injection was made, and the overall appearance of the face has become more youthful and full. In addition to the feeling of the face taut in a natural way.