What is Plasma?

Plasma is one of the blood components that runs through all of our veins. The blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and a transparent liquid in the blood substratum is the plasma that contains vitamins, minerals and hormones, which is used in the plasma injections used to beautify the face.

Your treatment that comes from your blood and your veins makes you sure of the safety and security of the source.

What Plasma do for the face?

The Plasma rich in platelets is used in facial injections and plays several roles within the skin once it is injected under it. The benefits of plasma for the face from the platelets, whose main function is to cure and stimulate the damaged tissues on treatment and produce new cells. Plasma contains proteins and stimulates the skin and below to produce collagen and helps the skin and stimulates it to return to its first state and restore the freshness and touch and fill the cavities caused by the wrinkles and reduce the appearance and impact on the overall shape of the skin.

The plasma gives amazing results over time. The skin appears brightly again and the colour differences disappear and the paleness that appears on parts of it. The wrinkles decrease and the skin regains its soft touch and rich substratum.